Chief Geek

“I carry a piece of code in my head all the time.”

Vivek is a hardcore hacker who chanced upon code by toying around with his desktop as an 11 year old. He obsesses over his coded dreams and has a natural knack of gripping the team into being possessed by his dreams too. A chilled-out Ace Trainer and advocate of life-long learning, he hounds his team to pursue their interests and be an ace at what they chose to do. A crazy dog lover too, Vivek raises two beasts, Koko and Knoppix who are spoilt and non-conforming, just like his team.


Chief Happiness Officer

“What is programming without a little music and dance?”

She believes in laughter, she ridicules trivialities and she dances while she strides. Ruchi, our Chief Happiness Officer, a practicing counselor and wellness trainer, believes in spreading cheer and making the world in her ambit, a happier place. Ruchi will always make the time for you, when you need a little pep talk over a large pint of water. Needless to say, she’s a health freak.


Chief Catalyst

“All I know about code, is that it spells wonders.”

Well that’s all she knows or rather believes to know. Smriti claims to have memory disorders that tests fail to substantiate. We keep a log of where she places her keys or phone so that our plans are not deterred or deferred due to her memory issues. Our Chief Catalyst who handles communication, PR and Branding, Smriti also writes her own “About” note.


Chief Happiness Officer

“Code bow wow!”

They are figuratively and realistically our bosses. We dance to their tunes for no return on investment. They know how to command our subordination and absolute attention at any given time. But to give our bosses their due, Koko and Knoppix (he is named after the Knoppix operating system) always lend a helping paw and their shoulders to brood on, in all our rough tides and rocky moments.